What we do

SoundCrypto is a full-service advisory firm for the emerging space of cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technology.

Why hire a blockchain consultant?

Cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technology are fundamentally changing the way that we do business, store wealth, and transfer value.
Incumbent businesses need to research these technologies in order to evaluate the opportunities they represent.

Innovative investors require increasingly-sophisticated due diligence on the vast array of “blockchain” investments showing up in both public markets and private equity.  

Professional organizations should educate their members on the emerging space of cryptoassets in order to stay relevant.  

Individual investors need portfolio, custody, and estate planning solutions that take the unique properties of cryptoassets into consideration.  
In general, any party looking to succeed in this space will benefit from having a deeply-knowledgeable consultant on their team.


We can provide asset and custody planning in line with your individual goals, sharing what we’ve learned through our own successes in this space.

Speaking Events

Members of our team have been educating and onboarding people to the space for well over half a decade and have professional teaching experience.


We can help perform due diligence on investment opportunities and basic technology, taking care to understand how your business works.