Individually, the principals of SoundCrypto have navigated the white papers, forks, exchange failures, ICOs, crashes, and the dizzying returns of this new space since nearly its inception. We have traded millions of dollars of dozens of types of crypto-assets. We now pool our deep backgrounds in math, computer science, information technology, trading, and investing for a deeper collective understanding of digital assets. Perhaps equally important, we have an excellent track record of helping people with any degree of background knowledge safely enter the asset space.

Douglas Faust, PhD

Douglas has applied his academic training in computational physics to work on topics ranging from quantum information and cryptography to machine learning and quantitative finance. He holds a lectureship appointment in Seattle University’s College of Science and Engineering and has previously held research positions at the University of Washington, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and at funds and family offices in the Seattle area.

Douglas has followed Bitcoin since being transfixed by a 2011 article on and has actively traded and mined a variety of cryptocurrencies for over half a decade. He currently speaks and writes extensively on these topics for audiences of traditional financial professionals.

B.S. Mathematical Science, Carnegie Mellon University
Ph.D. Physics, University of Washington

Charles Amadeus

Charles left the Cognitive Systems program at the University of British Columbia in 2009 to start his own IT company, cultivating a loyal client base through high standards of service and the key principle that technology is a tool for the user to achieve their goals.

Having received the gift of some stock at a young age, he has studied, traded and invested in publicly-exchanged securities for two decades, successfully navigating multiple bubbles and bear markets – possibly a credit to the perspective those philosophy classes provided him.

An early adopter of Bitcoin, he mines and trades cryptocurrency, participates in ICOs, and gives talks on the space to venture capital, trading groups with appearances on King 5 News and This Week In Startups. His IT background remains a useful adjunct for keeping this new class of blockchain assets secure.

Founder: Geek Serv

Evan Medeiros

Evan Medeiros has a B.S. in Computer Science and formerly worked as a software developer and online poker no-limit hold’em grinder. Blending a systematic framework from his years writing code with the fast-paced decision making acquired on the poker tables, Evan ventured into financial markets in 2009 to pursue a career trading stocks. He started investing in Bitcoin in 2012 and applies classical technical analysis and quantitative trading models to the crypto space.

He began publicly journaling his trading experiences in 2012 which paved the way to starting his company, The Trade Risk, to inform and service others navigating markets.

Currently, Evan manages trading accounts for close associates, offers premium trading services at The Trade Risk, and actively publishes research and market analysis on his blog. When he’s not at his desk staring at charts, you can usually find him at a nearby coffee shop, or walking his not-always-friendly half lab, half retriever pup around the neighborhood.

Founder: The Trade Risk
B.S. Computer Science, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Domenic DiGirolamo

At age 9, Domenic convinced his parents to finance his first computer so he could set up a BBS, quickly expanding skills into coding, creating a CMS with qbasic and ANSI graphics. By the time he finished high school, he partly owned and operated a local computer repair shop in Portland.

During his college computer science years, he acquired various industry certifications which have served him well over the past 15 years working with several large IT firms. His focus on infosec, privacy and compliance in the medical industry led him to leave his corporate overlords and launch his own IT consulting company.

Since meeting Charlie in 2012, his focus on blockchain and crypto assets has increased, working to deploy mining services and working through the security concerns around digital asset management to ensure their safe and reliable use and storage.

Founder: Stratosys IT